Technology Services

Oracle – Oracle Database is proven to be reliable, fast and the most secured and easiest way to manage all types of database workloads including enterprise applications, data warehouses and big data analysis. The advantage in using Oracle Database Technologies is that it aids our customers to deliver a superior quality service whist lowering their IT cost also enabling consolidation onto database clouds and engineered systems like Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance

Jboss : A cross platform that comes in a pluggable architecture which is written in Java and is compatible with any operation system that supports Java. It’s trouble-free as it’s to only execute and integrate your selected platforms in plug-and-play frameworks. When using Jbox you do not need to fret about vender lock-in. Jboss is recognized for high quality 24×7 customer support and for its enterprise-class performance, scalability, stability, flexibility and control.

IBM: Provides one of the most reliable services in the market. Known for its agility, efficiency, simplicity and also is cost effective.

Business Process Management:

Xena’s Business process management systems converts your business strategy into execution, using process as the decisive link to help organizations realize immediate and measurable results while establishing a sustainable Business process management capability. Our BPM management system is of 1st class quality, durable and is specifically built to deliver measurable quick results.

Replication Technology

Xena Technologies combines the most recent in continuous data for recovery assistance in order to avoid disaster. By doing this it simplifies the management of the replication process and ensures integration with the aid of applications from leading vendors including Microsoft and Oracle,

Middleware Technology

Xena Technologies is highly specialized in strategy, design, integration and development; legacy modernization services. We have vast experience using and highly recommend Oracle and IBM. Through our middleware service you can aim to maximize driving value to your business through our highly skilled and experienced personnel.

Enterprise applications server:

We offer you with Expert structural design to minimize risk and accelerate the use of enterprise applications. We develop, migrate applications, manage content and create a magical experience for our clients. Our personnel is specialized in oracle, Microsoft, Ibm, Redhat and sun

Application performance Monitoring:

Xena’s application performance monitoring ensures high availability and performance of the applications as it is vital to monitor the performance in order to achieve maximum results. Our application performance monitoring provides real time data across Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments.(IBM, Oracle, Quest, HP, Precise, BMC ).

Soa and enterprise service bus:

Xena Technologies has developed a high performing, reliable and most interoperable Service Oriented Architecture and integration middleware. The Enterprise Service Bus conveys breath taking smoothness to your projects from start to the end. We are highly experienced in using Oracle and Exdata)

Appliance based Technology:

We provide you with one of the industries finest appliance based technologies by maximizing the use of products such as oracle and Exadata. Our developers are well known for their expertise in this field for delivering high end appliance based technologies.

Extensive In depth experience

With xena you are assured to be delivered with high quality, first class products that are sturdy, reliable and exactly suites your requirements at a convenient cost. Our developers are highly experienced and are specialized at what they execute. We deal with well known vendors and products and utilize these products at its supreme to deliver you with high quality service and experience.