Who Are We?

Our team of Analytics Consultants and Data Scientists are well-versed in the application of a wide range of techniques like Machine Learning, Data Mining, enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI) for businesses and organizations using a variety of open-source and commercial software in various domains. Our team is cross-disciplinary with Data Scientists from a multitude of sectors, including Machine Learning, Statistics, Engineering, and Computer Science. We have worked on diverse iconic projects across the public and private and sectors. Today we persist to serve deep analytical insights and transform processes through the AI we produce for our clients.

Businesses are modernizing their current infrastructure to withstand in a world of ‘default by digital'. To guarantee businesses do not fall backward in this race, we change organizations to the cognitive enterprise by means of intelligent systems that can listen, see, learn and comprehend. We are extremely passionate and innovative in formulating AI-powered solutions and products that address real-world problems of businesses. We help enterprises adopt AI to produce superior decisions, gain unparalleled efficiencies and focus on innovation. For businesses seeking to develop AI-driven smart enterprises, Xena, is a definite go-to partner to develop concept prototypes, pilot projects, develop models as well as tackle complex challenges of the industry.

Our AI Services

Are you all set for AI? Given the expansion and development of digital disruption across almost every industry today, AI must be a fundamental component of the strategy of any organization. We carry out workshops to advise our clients on the potential opportunities of AI as well as its best practices. We also partner with clients to gain an understanding of enterprise for AI readiness assessments as well as perform Proofs-of-Concept.

AI Service for Product Development

Smooth experience for setup Our partnerships with authorized software partners in the AI industry and competencies in these open- source commercial and AI tools enable rapid configuration and setup of AI software products in our consumers’ environments.

AI Model Development & Maintenance

Delivering expert solutions for AI Our Data Scientists implement techniques like Machine Learning and Data Mining as well as algorithms to model, analyze, develop as well as deploy AI capabilities to resolve multiple business problems. We also offer post-development assistance to assure models consistently produce up-to-date insights.


Our Approach


The difficulties in planning and implementing a new AI initiative are almost the same, be it a large enterprise or a startup. Either there is a scarcity of specialists in data science or the unit is too small to manage the demands of a fast-growing business. Our team of data science experts and machine learning engineers can help you develop products powered with artificial intelligence as well as solutions as per the requirement of your business. We follow a simple step by step process to formulate intelligent solutions
- Discovery
- Exploration
- Optimization
- Build




We work with you to learn the objective of your business, understand your data, identify project goals and recognize results to be accomplished.


Our process of evaluation will assess how the finest AI capabilities fit the requirement of your business and what may be possible to deliver given your project data and goals.

Architecture & Design

Post evaluation, we will work together with your team members to develop a strategy, roadmap, features, structure, and functions along with its implementation process to generate a solution that is workable.


Investigation & Data Collection

Machines require data to learn. We will communicate with your leaders to manage business data and closely study and analyze your data to determine what is feasible and produce a comprehensive project development plan.

Proof of Concept

Based on your project development plan, we will build AI prototypes that undergo rigorous testing and training to meet your performance and business metrics.




Performance & Security valuations

All applications and models are subjected continuously to rigorous test to identify and fix scalability bottlenecks, security anomalies, as well as performance breakdowns.

Model Fine tuning

We monitor, maintain, as well as tune performance of your applications and models for greater efficiency and precision as well as and help your business evolve and grow.


Development of Model

Successful prototypes are formulated into models of machine learning that entrust itself to the defined the objectives of your business. We produce data models that parse historic data and define new datasets to predict future trends and become situationally aware.

Full Stack Development of Application

Each layer of the application right from the frontend to the backend is formed to facilitate easy access to machine learning models as well as maximize system’s utilization.