Advance the strategies of your business by computing cognitive capabilities

Xena offers consulting for the cognitive service with its extensive experience in the industry for cognitive technologies, including machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, automation, and text analytics. Applying cognitive services benefits organizations in creating insights to enhance efficiency, decrease costs, improve customer support and boost revenue. We carry out workshops to advise our clients on the potential opportunities of AI as well as its best practices.

Infuse your websites, apps, and bots with smart algorithms to hear, see, speak, interpret and understand your user requirements by natural ways of communication. With thorough research of the current market trends, products, and business processes, based on which we can advise you the most genuine cognitive solution for your enterprise domain. We are specialized in developing applications that are industry-specific by seamlessly integrating cognitive services APIs of the foremost providers like IBM and Microsoft.

We know how to leverage cognitive service APIs for your business

  • Face API
  • Emotion API
  • Computer Vision API
  • Video Indexer API
  • Text Analytics API
  • Speaker Recognition API
  • Tradeoff Analytics API
  • QnA Maker API
  • Tone Analyzer API
  • Personality
  • Insights API
  • Visual Recognition API

Formulate intelligent chatbots using robust APIs

Our team is well-versed in building a chatbot by combining cognitive services APIs so as to personalize the user experience. Besides, if you formulate an intelligent chatbot powered with smart APIs, it constantly keeps enhancing, learning as well as becoming smarter.

A chatbot integrated with cognitive computing APIs delivers a certain level of skill and intelligence in communication, for example, understanding the requirement of the user depending on their earlier communication, recommendations provided and much more.

Xena Offers

Enhance Security With A Facial Reorganization

Utilize the Face API to validate a selfie for intelligent authentication. Using visual identity for signing in is turning out to be an additional layer of security for a lot of industries.

Engage Your Clients Through Chat

Bring together the APIs of Cognitive Service and Bot Framework to employ your audience on a completely new level. Develop a bot that represents your brand, addresses the questions of your customers also escalates to an individual operator if required.

Allow Voice Interactions With Speech Customization

With the help of Custom Speech Service, you can now develop excellent voice interactions between your users and your systems. Intensify speech recognition utilizing background noise reduction.

Express Dramatic Flashes In Just An Instant

Very quickly retrieve happy, surprised or sad celebrity images out of thousands by simply combining multiple APIs. Explore through video frames to draw the right and ideal moment for your specific content requirement.

Our Expertise


Transform verbal audio into text, utilize voice to add speaker recognition or for verification to your app.


Utilize Image-processing algorithms to very smartly caption, identify, index, caption as well as moderate your videos and pictures.


Combine Search APIs to the applications as well as harness the expertise to comb billions of images, web pages, and videos with a single API call.


Enable your applications to process language with pre-built scripts, assess sentiment and determine how to identify what users require.