Advantages of Working with XENA

    Full transparency of the robotic process automation (RPA) solution that Xena would recommend.

    Deep knowledge and understanding of UiPath’s RPA Platform, where Xena has dedicated 2+ years to learning, working with and implementing a single solution, rather than spreading resources across multiple solutions.

    Xena offers a comprehensive range of Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation services.

    Whether you’re starting on your robotic process automation journey, have completed a proof of concept / pilot or have commenced an implementation program, Xena will bring a wealth of shared experience, proven implementation track record and flexible approach to our partnership with you.


RPA Capabilities

Pilot Program

Xena’s Pilot Program is a quick and inexpensive way for you to see first-hand the capabilities and suitability of robotic process automation in your organisation’s everyday operating environment. Xena will design and build compact robotic automations of your processes and demonstrate that your key applications, business rules, data inputs and data outputs can be successfully automated.


For those just starting out with RPA, Xena can recommend some valuable – and mostly free – resources to kick-start your learning. We call this Basic Training. Instructional Training is a useful method to build upon the knowledge gained from your Basic Training, whilst also keeping the learning content concise and relevant to your operating environment.


Xena brings a proven automation methodology to our implementation engagements. The “build” phase of a robotic process automation project is only one component amongst a much wider set of considerations, all of which need to be outlined, understood and planned for in advance.

Management and Support

Xena will partner with you to shape and manage your robotic automation program. With our expertise, you can output automation projects faster, reduce the initial technology learning curve and fast-track your automation ROI. Xena offers solutions with the flexibility to cut across both as your organization matures through its automation journey.


Xena is an authorized reseller of UiPath’s RPA platform and a UiPath Partner. We sell licences for all associated UiPath products and services and we can help you choose the ones that best fit the needs of your organization.